What is an interactive alphabet?


Technologies or traditions – what does the education of the future look like? If 10 years ago children still read the ABC-book and studied Soviet textbooks, today they use multimedia boards and interactive alphabets. One of them was received by first-graders of Odessa region.

“Living Alphabet” is a modern textbook from the publishing house Fast AR Kids. This is the story of an ant looking for a way home. The book comes to life with the help of gadgets: on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. The developers have combined technology and a traditional school textbook to create a product of a new variety and meaning.

The usual alphabet turned into a real quest and adventure, and the lessons into a whole story. All the pages in the alphabet come to life, and the characters move and talk. All you have to do is just download the mobile application and point your smartphone camera at the book page. Instead of boring tasks now – virtual reality and live game.

CO the Maxym Stepanov Foundation immediately decided that Odessa schoolchildren desperately needed this new story. After all, innovation in education is our weakness and a constant range of interests. That is why on September 1, 2018, first grade teachers in schools of Odessa region will receive one and a half thousand “Living Alphabets” for their lessons.