Vyshyvanka Festival


The Vyshyvanka Festival is the largest patriotic event in Ukraine. The celebration, which is organized by young people, lasts 5 days and in 2018 celebrated its 10th anniversary. It is a story about independence, freedom and equality, about the growing country, about our future that seeks support in traditions.

Every year from August 22 to 26, Odessa turns into a platform of unity, where not only residents of Odessa, but also Ukrainians from the diaspora and foreign friends go. The last time more than 100,000 participants from different parts of the country and the world gathered for the festival. And the thematic events and celebrations lasted from morning till late evening.

The Vyshyvanka Festival is an apolitical celebration funded exclusively by patrons, sponsors and social business. CO the Maxym Stepanov Foundation has been supporting the festival for several years in a row, especially two events – “Mass Ukrainian Language Dictation” and “Chain in Embroidered Shirts”. Within the framework of the festival you can choose any event, and even better – visit all of them:

  • New embroidered shirt for Duke – when the main artifact of Odessa fits into the best embroidered shirt especially for the holiday!
  • Chain in embroidered shirts – the case when the whole of Odessa turns into a living chain of patriots
  • Mass Ukrainian language dictation – anyone can write a dictation and compete for victory in the open air on Primorsky Boulevard. Last year, the dictation was written by more than 350 lucky people aged 7 to 75
  • Remembrance Action – to commemorate all those who stood for the country’s independence
  • Patriotic rally
  • Embroidered dances, fairs, film screenings, photo drying and quests
  • And of course – a fantastic concert of Ukrainian stars

The festival tells us about unity, about the treasure of language and identity, about the happiness of being free, it unites government institutions and volunteers, city dwellers and diaspora, young people and the older generation. Hundreds of thousands of people gather in the heart of Odessa every year to reiterate that they are just now writing a new history of a strong country.

This is a powerful family and national holiday, which invites not only to once again dress in an embroidered shirt, but also to remember their cultural values, thank their ancestors and find their place in the future of Ukraine.


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