Free of charge online legal advice for teachers

We answer teachers’ questions and

hold webinars that teach you to know and exercise your rights.

Proshkolu is the first online consultation project in Ukraine, which focuses on the requests and problems of teachers. In May 2019, we conducted a survey, in which 2,200 teachers took part:

  • 91% of teachers need legal assistance

  • 21% of teachers have been bullied

  • 68% want to know how to resolve conflicts

The purpose of the project is to facilitate the work of teachers and provide them with professional support. Also, to find solutions where teachers have no answer.

We strive to form a permanent triangle “smart student – motivated teacher – satisfied parents”, so that all participants of the educational process get the most out of it and enjoy it..

How does it work?

You can ask your question on the Proshkolu website or on the project’s Facebook page. We will respond within 10 days.


Every teacher can ask a specific question or make a request and ask for advice: how to act or where to seek help?

What problems we work with:

  • Conflicts with parents and students
  • Administrative routine – responsibilities, rights
  • Professional burnout and bullying
  • Pressure from colleagues or parent committees
  • Complex work with documentation and employment contracts
  • Problems of pensions, salaries, vacations, dismissals and working conditions
  • Legal responsibility of parents and teachers

We have invited the best experts in law and conflict so that teachers can address social issues – even those that should be solved by the state.