Mass Ukrainian language dictation


Let there be a word! The biggest dictation in the open air took place in Odessa on August 25, 2018. As part of the Vyshyvanka Festival, 350 participants wrote a in Ukrainian language dictation. Love for the word, the native language, passion and patriotism united Ukrainians aged 7 to 70. Just on Primorsky Boulevard, next to the monument to the Duke de Richelieu, the celebration of speech and literacy took place.

Mass Ukrainian language dictation has already become a tradition of the festival and for the third time it brought together those who wanted to test themselves and show their respect for their native language. If the first dictation in 2016 gathered 129 participants, now their number has almost tripled. Moreover, everyone who speaks Ukrainian can take part in the action. And the winners receive a gift from the partners of the action – CO the Maxym Stepanov Foundation.

Everyone is free to watch the dictation and feel as a part of the big event. This year the text of the task was prepared by Oleksandr Avramenko – the presenter of 1+1 TV channel and the author of more than 50 textbooks and training programs for external independent testing. And the text was read by Igor Khvorostyany – Candidate of Philological Sciences, the author of textbooks on the Ukrainian language and a mass online course “Life hacks on the Ukrainian language and literature”.

How to determine the winner? For this purpose, the best teachers are invited, who check the texts during the day and determine in a day those who received the Maxymum marks. Get ready and we will meet next year: are you ready to challenge yourself in Ukrainian?