The Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine, a politician and philanthropist.

He has twice received the Man of the Year award in the Manager of the Year and Regional Leader categories.

Maxym Stepanov was the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration for two years and developed infrastructure, medicine and education in the region.

There is a story behind every action

I felt that keenly when we rescued a little boy. He could not hear since his birth. He needed an urgent operation, because there were only a few days left to save his hearing. His parents found specialists in Poland who agreed to help. The family was desperately short of money, it was impossible to find such money in a few days. They were seeking help and somehow found me. We managed to collect the amount, and for the first time in my life my hands were shaking with excitement. Now this boy already goes to school and is engaged in ballroom dancing, he has a wonderful musical ear. Seeing this child growing up is the greatest reward.

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I’m used to acting, there is more
truth in deeds than in words
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A tradition of good deeds

I grew up in a family that always noticed the needs of others. Helping orphanages or raising money for a neighbor’s treatment with a group of other neighbors was commonplace. My medical parents taught me to notice someone else’s pain and instilled a sense of responsibility for what I could do.

How it all began

How did the Foundation come about? By that time I had already taken care of the Be Smart project – free online preparation for the external independent testing. I wanted to try distance learning for children from Odessa region. And then even more – to give a chance to children from all over the country to pass the EIT and choose any university. After all, not all children have the money and the opportunity to get to tutors. Not all textbooks can even reach some villages.

And when, after the first year with Be Smart, I talked to real students who, thanks to the site, passed the EIT-2018 and entered universities, I realized that everything was not in vain. That there should be more projects that support education. So how the Foundation was born, so how our history of changes began.

He was born into a family of doctors in 1975 and all his childhood
he dreamed of becoming a surgeon like his father.
His first job was a paramedic in an ambulance crew.
He graduated from M. Gorky Donetsk Medical Institute, specializing in Surgery
He chose economics as his second education
and graduated from Kyiv University of Economics with a degree in International Economics.
For the first time he started working with the Odessa regional administration as the
First Deputy Chairman 


He headed the Polygraph Plant “Ukraine”, which produces all document forms.
It was a challenge and in 5 years of work they managed to bring Ukrainian foreign passports
passports to the European level, and the first ID-cards appeared in the country
For the first time he received the Man of the Year award in the Manager of the Year nomination
He won the competition for the position of the Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration.
And for two years he developed the region.
At the same time, he opened the largest in Ukraine Center for Nephrology and Dialysis
He received the second award “Man of the Year” –
in the “Regional Leader” nomination


He was the Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration and developed the region.


He became the Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine