Launch of Proshkolu online support for teachers


Since March, we have been preparing a project of online support for teachers throughout Ukraine. And now the Proshkolu website is ready to work. This is a simple and free online platform for teachers from all over the country, where you can ask your professional questions.

We have assembled a team of lawyers and mediators to provide quick consultation to teachers. These can include job responsibilities, classroom substitution, classroom repairs, payroll, conflicts with students or parents, disputes with administration or colleagues, or any legal violations at school.

CO the Maxym Stepanov Foundation conducted several detailed surveys and collected the hottest topics for Ukrainian teachers – the legal responsibility of parents for their children’s education and behavior, problems with the material and technical resources of schools, burnout and fear of teacher insecurity from administration or parent committees. We prepare professional articles and practical tips on these sensitive issues, so that every teacher has a legal and safe algorithm of action and knows how to act in a given problem situation.

The Proshkolu website allows to ask questions to specialists online and get an answer within one or two days. After some time, this period will be significantly reduced to a few hours. Cases of bullying, professional pressure or any violations may be supported by photographs or any materials that can be added to your message on the site.

Teachers can now get support and ask legal experts how to act and where to seek support. We want respect for the teaching profession to become part of educational reform as well!

Check out the Proshkolu site here.