EdCamp Ukraine 2019 Conference


Every lesson affects the future, doesn’t it? Thinking so, we went to the Fifth National (non) conference for school teachers EdCamp Ukraine 2019. The head of CO the Maxym Stepanov Foundation Yulia Brovinska presented at EdCamp a new free online teachers support project Proshkolu.

More than a thousand educators gathered in Kharkiv  to share their experience, grab fresh ideas and take a step towards new education in Ukraine. The speeches and discussions lasted for three days in a row from mornings till evenings on July 7-9. Virtual reality, scrum, visual communication, alternative kindergartens, empathic communication, inclusion, artificial intelligence and sex education – almost 200 speakers and guests from 20 countries shared their experience, projects, mistakes and predicted current topics and tools for future education. After all, the topic of this year’s (non) conference was “A good man. Growing up in Ukraine”, and the key issues were the reforms of the New Ukrainian School, raising the status of teachers and SEE Learning.

That is why we have chosen a new and very important for the country project Proshkolu for presentation at the largest pedagogical conference. Yulia Brovinska told about the idea and implementation of the first in Ukraine online platform of free legal and psychological consultations for teachers. A lawyer and a psychologist presented important topics for discussion – bullying at school, overtime work, conflicts with parents, interaction with “difficult’ students, professional burnout, payroll rules. The teachers were able to ask their questions and get answers from specialists in live communication. Everything is as the online platform works. After all, every teacher can now go to the site and ask questions to specialists and get a qualified timely answer in order not to be distracted from work and to have support, to know how to act in any difficult situation, to be aware of your rights and to use them freely.

Proshkolu is already running in test mode and we hope that soon most teachers will be able to get advice that will facilitate their work.