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online preparation for the EIT

Here you can find all the tests and modules to prepare just from home and without tutors. The site received support and the official stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science. Now it is easy to pass the external independent testing!

Be Smart — is 9 subjects, the trial EIT and

2000 tests on 1 site!


What can be found on the site?

  • Video analysis of the Trial EIT with the detailed commentary by teachers
  • Online courses in mathematics, physics, history of Ukraine, chemistry, biology, geography, Ukrainian language and English
  • All EITs of the previous years
  • Materials and training modules to practice taking tests

All the materials are in the format of free access: register and study – absolutely free! And the news can be found on the Facebook page.

Be Profi —

free vocational tours for teenagers.

  • A new tour every month
  • Free of charge
  • Visits to the TOP companies of the country

How to choose a dream job? The Be Profi project introduces teenagers to different professions. As part of Be Smart, we arrange excursions for graduates to TV channels, editorial offices, IT offices, laboratories. So that children can literally touch professions and then choose a university that will bring them closer to their dreams.
Every month we go on a new tour and spend an hour in the epicenter of affairs, projects and everyday life of specialists in various fields. All the details are on the Be Smart page.


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