Be Profi: excursion for teenagers to 1+1 TV channel


How do journalists and presenters work? We organized the second event from Be Profi – excursions for teenagers regarding their professional orientation. Every month we discuss different professions and visit the country’s top companies to see from the inside how specialists of different specialties work. That time we learned what was happening on the other side of the TV screen in the 1+1 TV channel studio. The preparation for the excursion lasted for one month and 30 Kyiv senior school students took part in it.

The teenagers saw the studio of TSN and morning shows, understood why editors are needed, what is the complexity of live broadcasts and what is the journalism in general.

Last time we visited the Priamy TV channel studio and even arranged two excursions at once, one of which was especially for teenagers with hearing impairments (by the way, it is the Priamy TV channel which broadcasts all the programs in sign language). We are waiting for next excursions! All events take place within the Be Smart project.