August Conference 2019


The August 2019 Conference, the largest conference of educators, took place in Kyiv on August 19. We had to talk about the Proshkolu project and its role in education reform. Yulia Brovinska, the head of CO the Maxym Stepanov Foundation, also spoke on the same stage with the new ombudsman, Minister of Education and Science Lilia Hrynevych. She pointed out that 96% of Ukrainian teachers need legal support. And there is a solution to this problem.

How can the Proshkolu project help?

The Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman emphasized that education in Ukraine needs to be changed, and last but not least, respect for the teaching profession should be restored. Actually, we talked about how to do it and how to support teachers at the August conference. In just 6 minutes before the speech, Yulia Brovinska managed to raise a hot topic:

“If the world is adapting quickly to technology and change, the school is not. The NUS (New Ukrainian School) reform was the first step towards new education, towards a better dialogue between teachers and students. However, she did not take into account all the interests of teachers”. Moreover, teachers still compete with incomprehensible bureaucracy, receive ridiculous salaries and are in the role of servants for children and parents. If the situation is not changed now, the level of education in the country will fall sharply. After all, teachers will not follow a vocation, but only out of desperation. A teacher who suffers and is stressed at work cannot teach children and share their talents and experience.

That is why the Proshkolu project was born, which provides free online consultations to teachers on legal and psychological issues. The team includes lawyers and education specialists to provide quick answers and find solutions to any difficult situations at school. The project has been running for several months and requests from teachers are constantly coming.

It is significant that all the participants of the conference unanimously agreed that changes in public policy should concern not only children but also teachers’ protection.